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Spacemaker hangers are made in Cape Town South Africa.
Our goal was to develop a hanger that was far stronger than any other plastic hanger as well as to be more versatile than regular hangers.

The addition of a hook on the shirt hanger allows for garments to be hung along the bar as usual and then also to be hung downwards to make use of the wasted space in the cupboard below.
Please watch our video for a quick explanation.

The material we make the shirt and 4 bar pants hangers is called polycarbonate. It is the same material as the see-through burglar bars that provide security in many homes and are extremely tough. They will far outlast regular flimsy hangers that break at the slightest tension.
The 4-bar pants hanger can take the weight of any pants and will not sag like cheaper copies of our hanger.

The ironing hook slides over your door and makes handling of the ironing a whole lot easier.


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