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Hard earned valuables can be ruined in seconds by life’s little mishaps.

Spilled paint on your carpet or wooden floor.
Dirt in the car bringing plants from the nursery or dirty dog feet from a walk in nature.
Oil on the garage floor while working on the car.
Children doing arts and crafts on the floor.
Construction workers and plumbers walking through the house with their dirty boots.
Wet furniture from a sudden downpour while transporting on a trailer.
Dirty clothes if you need to take care of an emergency like changing a tyre.            


The DIRTTRAPPER FLOOR & MORE is a multi use protective sheet that can be used over and over.


It will absorb paint drips & spills as opposed to plastic sheeting.


Made from recycled material so is environmentally friendly unlike plastic drop sheets.

liquid proofed

Liquid proofed backing prevents spills penetrating during hobby time.

Crumple Resistant

Does not crumple as easy as regular drop sheets and protective plastic given by nurseries to protect your boot.


Lies flatter than regular drop sheets because of weight.

Dirt Trapping

Traps dirt particles in the material side from construction workers and plumbers.

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