Brush with 4x more cleaning potential than the regular electric toothbrush. Watch the video clip to see how.   The Aquapulse Aquaflosser makes flossing so easy you will look forward to getting the extra fresh clean every day.   The Aquapulse mini filter gives regular tap water that fresh filtered taste by reducing the chlorine content in the water making it an effective entry level filter.   Aquapulse showerheads provide a sensational shower for your every desire - whether saving water or looking for a great massage, Aquapulse has the perfect solution.
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    Sick and tired of muddy footprints in your home or office - look no further than the DirtTrapper doormat for the best foot wiping results.     Bend-a-what, bend–a-who BENDAROOS. Another fun filled activity for kids 3 to 99.     Instapure is a world renowned on-tap water filter with bypass system with FDA approval. Get the original from the inventors of the on-tap water filter.    
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