Skweezy Mop


Over the past 20 or so years PVA sponge mops have become ever more popular with the consumer.


Strong sponge strength


Ease of use- no need to wring out the sponge by hand.


To growth of odour causing bacteria.

High absorbency

Leaving tiles drier as they can absorb 12x their weight in water.

What makes The DIRTTRAPPER SKWEEZY MOP so different from the rest?

Although regular PVA mops are very popular there are a THREE niggly FLAWS which the DIRTTRAPPER SKWEEZY MOP has resolved as well as adding a luxurious soft sponge handle for comfort of use. Has been produced to the highest standard which can be quickly felt in it’s sturdiness and comfort when you get your hands on one which is why we were proud to add it to the exclusive range of our DIRTTRAPPER brand

Adjustable Handle improvement

With most regular PVA mops the adjustable handle works on an internal friction based mechanism which very quickly either seizes up or fails to engage leaving a loose unadjustable handle. The DIRTTRAPPER SKWEEZY MOP uses an external locking mechanism which can be locked and adjusted over and over without fault.
Simply lift the lever, adjust to a comfortable height for use and lock into place.
When packing away it can be lowered again for maximum space saving

Quick and easy to replace the sponge

The first and biggest flaw of the conventional PVA mop is the arduous task of replacing the sponge head.
Rusted screws in awkward positions that require the world’s biggest screwdriver to unscrew have been replaced with an EASY RELEASE MECHANISM which REQUIRES NO SCREWS

Quick absorption when the sponge is dry

Most standard PVA sponges when they are dry take up to 10 minutes to rehydrate when they are dry.
The DIRTTRAPPER SKWEEZY MOP will be completely rehydrated more than 5X faster.


Simply press down on the release clip while lifting the handle slightly and the complete mechanism moves forward to give easy access to the sponge holders.
Pull out one side and your sponge is released.
To replace simply insert one side of the replacement sponge into one side of the holder and pull the holder slightly wider to insert the other end of the holder.
Pull the mechanism up back into place and flick up the release switch to the top and your sponge is replaced-NO SCREWS.


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