Outdoor Doormats

Dirttrapper Outdoor Doormats

Introducing an outdoor doormat to add to the Dirttrapper brand was no easy task but after many years we introduce the Dirttrapper Outdoor mat. It is a weatherpoof doormat that can stand outside in all weather conditions and will assist with scraping off the bigger dirt particles as well as the grittier particles that you don’t want to bring inside your house or business, keeping your original Dirttrapper cleaner for longer.

Outdoor Doormats


The Dirttrapper Outdoor doormat is an attractive looking doormat  that uses unique polybrush bristles and rubber ribs to create a scrape and catch zone to remove as much dirt as possible when wiping your feet.The smaller particles fall in between the polybrush bristles and are hidden from view so that the Dirttrapper Outdoor always looks clean and they can be removed with a simple shake of the mat into the garden.

Low profile

Trap & Catch zone



Superior scraping ability

Virtually Indestructible

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Click on your favourite doormats colour here, then choose your size. The Dirttrapper Outdoor is available in various sizes, from small utility mats for caravans, to large runners for sliding doors and industrial applications.