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In 1992 Homebrands started off under the name of Promo Products as a sole proprietorship.

Promo Products focussed on direct sales through trade fairs and exhibitions.

With the introduction of the DirtTrapper doormat Promo Products entered the retail market by supplying some of the major chain stores in South Africa.

In 2005 Promo Products bought over the company Aquapulse marketing and consolidated the 2 companies into one under the name Homebrands which we still trade under today.

Homebrands is still actively involved in direct sales through the exhibitions and shopping centre promotions as well as supplying many of the major retailers in the country.

The focus of Homebrands is to supply products into the home that really make a difference to peoples lives. Quality products at a fair price is our goal.

Customer service is also a priority to our company and we will do our best to go out of our way to give you the service that you require. We hope that as the owner of any Homebrands product you will get the benefit of a happier, easier life as this is what our intention is when taking on a new product.

Homebrands CC is rated as a Level 3 contributor to B-BBEE. Click here to download certificate. Homebrands CC is an ISO9001 certified company. Click here to download certificate.

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